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Redeemed Compared to Whom?

Using 'time since last conviction' standards to assess a person's likelihood of reoffending holds everyone, including applicants without criminal records, to too high a standard. Using data on hiring in healthcare jobs, the authors critique reliance studies that point to a specific time frame when someone with a criminal record is no longer considered a 'risky hire'. They argue that employers should evaluate their own 'risk threshold' and utilize some other type of risk assessment to apply that threshold to all applicants, given that no one - not even people without criminal records - has a 0% risk factor.

DeWitt, S. E., Bushway, S. D., Siwach, G., & Kurlychek, M. C. (2017). Redeemed Compared to Whom? Criminology & Public Policy, 16(3), 963–997.


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