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Devolving the Carceral State: Race, Prisoner Reentry, and the Micro-Politics of Urban Poverty....

The carceral state is furthering its reach into poor, Black and Brown communities through community-based reentry programs, continuing a legacy of social control in the United States. In this article, the author uses interviews with and observation of people experiencing and working in reentry over a three and half year period to reinforce research and analysis of racially coded policies in both the criminal legal and welfare arenas. He argues the reentry industry today has been created through a transfer of power from prisons and other carceral settings to community organizations and chronicles how the focus on individual 'rehabilitation' has gone from a priority in prisons and jails to now a priority in reentry and workforce development programs.

Miller, R. J. (2014). Devolving the carceral state: Race, prisoner reentry, and the micro-politics of urban poverty management. Punishment & Society, 16(3), 305–335.


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