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'...Yeah, I could hire this one, but I know it's gonna be a problem': How Race, Nativity and....

Employers have much more positive perceptions of Latino immigrant workers compared to Black workers, based on their beliefs that immigrants are 'easier to manage' due to a 'stronger work ethic' and are less vocal about racial discrimination. Based on 145 interviews with employers in Los Angeles in the early 90s, this article examines the difference in employer attitudes towards African American and Latino low-wage workers. The author reflects on the contradictions within these employer perceptions, particularly due to the problematic belief in the 'American Dream.'

Shih, J. (2002). “...Yeah, I could hire this one, but I know it’s gonna be a problem”: How race, nativity and gender affect employers’ perceptions of the manageability of job seekers. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 25(1), 99–119.


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